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Alex Strang

Game Designer and Media Producer
Zenkaikon 2016 Guest
Strang is a game designer, manga artist and media producer with a multitude of maniacal mishaps (creative projects) both famous and infamous. Publisher of Super Giant Monster Showdown, Movie Plotz and countless other card games, party games and adventure games. this Glasgow native mixes surreal fantasy, absurd comedy and imaginative inspiration in everything he does. He leads workshops in gamification and creative processes, creates live comedy shows and films (Puppet Karaoke, Mr. Buckethead series), designs kaiju for a semi-living, and creates original manga (Electro Galaxy Fighter Dynrathe, Dinosaur Fighter Saurac).Strang breathes everything tokusatsu and older British sci-fi, loves marketing and copywriting, and is always on the prowl for that lucrative high-end chocolate endorsement. He'll give you one of his collectible business cards when you see him (just one), but will give you two if you give him decent chocolate.
If Encountered: Suspiciously Friendly .
Overall Demeanor: Mildly Aware
Notable Feature: Acutely Detached