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Frank Sicurella

Legends of the Interwebs
Professional Chef / Amateur Pro-Wrestler
Started Legends of the Interwebs back in 2013 before YouTube took a 180. Originally partnered with Cassidy Martin, the pair had hopes of doing sketch comedy before expanding into Let's Plays, and later larger productions. However due to time and lack of motivation the project stagnated. Years later Frank watch Neon Genesis Evangelion and knew he needed to share the story with the world. He started doing panels and thus Legends of the Interwebs was reborn.
Now partnered with Becca, Brian, Matt, Paul, and Vinny; the gang tours conventions and spreads the words of Evangelion... whatever that may be.
Their content has expanded from panels, to game shows, and even food.
Be sure to catch them at Retro Game Challenge, A Snack on Titan, and 404: The Videos the Internet Forgot.