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Adam Nelson

Ace_Nelson Gaming
Philadelphia, PA
Hello! My name is Adam (Ace) Nelson. I am a huge Anime/Gaming/Nerd culture fan and I LOVE anime conventions. You may have seen me at Zenkaikon/Otakon in the past assisting my sister with her popular panel" "Nyan! Cats in Japanese Culture and Animation". I am taking on my OWN Panel this year with "The most OVERPOWERED characters in Anime". In past conventions I have cosplayed as Booker Dewitt from "Bioshock Infinite" and as Morel from "Hunter x Hunter".

I am also a part time Twitch.tv streamer! I love to play video games and I love to provide a fun and entertaining environment for my viewers. Please check me out sometime I would love to meet and game with you! Check me out at www.twitch.tv/ace_nelson
Friday, April 1

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Saturday, April 2

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Sunday, April 3

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